About Us

eCommerce is quickly emerging as a key component of the retail sector today. 

Often forgotten in the eCommerce discussion are the smallest retailers or producers of small quantities. For many of them the thought of establishing an eCommerce presence is simply overwhelming. For starters, there are already several hundred, if not thousands of eCommerce sites in South Africa against which they would need to compete. This means that their site must somehow stand out against the noise of hundreds of other potential competitors. The associated logistics of arranging for a credible delivery process is simply too much to even contemplate for many of them. As a result of this many of them are slowly being excluded from participation in this critical part of the emerging digital economy.


At wedeal.co.za we have created a way to guarantee the inclusion of even the smallest business. For starters, they do not need to have their own eCommerce site. Instead, they can simply signup on our platform and list their products. They don’t need to worry about logistics as this is provided through wedeal.co.za’s strategic partnerships with logistics providers. 


The journey is a very simple one for these businesses. Once they load their products onto wedeal.co.za and are ready to sell, we take care of the rest. We ensure that their products are appropriately marketed on social media. Through our seamlessly automated process we arrange for a courier to collect sold items from them and deliver these to the buyer. 


Delivery can be tracked online by the buyer throughout the entire sales process. As such, the biggest requirement that most businesses need to meet is simply ensuring that sufficient stock levels are maintained and prepared for collection once they are notified to do so. We generally guarantee delivery within five (5) working days.


Unlike most mainstream eCommerce platforms we do not charge sales commission on each basket item that is sold on our platform. Instead, we provide a simple bundle model where for simple package amounts, retailers can choose how many products to list at a time. These have been priced as low as possible to give the smallest businesses an opportunity for inclusion. They must however carry the costs associated with their respective merchant payments.


For wedeal.co.za this is just the beginning. Our plan is to significantly augment our service offering to provide greater value for our business customers. Beyond online sales we looking to drive increase volumes of physical customers through their doors using smart digital marketing initiatives. Other areas of value growth are also being continuously explored. We plan to drive our own kind of disruption for this business sector and to ensure that these businesses continue to play a part in any future digitally driven economy.

If you are a small business owner who is keen to sell to a national market from your store, wherever you are, then this is your opportunity. Get in touch with us and we will have your products selling way beyond your neighbourhood or town. Register at wedeal.co.za or simply send an email to info@wedeal.co.za and we will be in touch with you to get you going as soon as possible.